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‘It is what we know already that often prevents us from learning.’

— Claude Bernard

Passive House Fundamentals – COMING SOON

Get a clear overview of the Passive House standard, certification requirements and the various elements to consider when designing and constructing Passive House buildings. Each chapter includes video presentations, accompanied by additional material and a quiz to corroborate the chapter’s content. After the last chapter, you can take a final exam to receive a certificate of completion. The course will be available in August. If you like to be notified when it is available please send us a note here: Request Notification

The following topics are covered in this course

Passive House Principles (What is a Passive House, Passive House, and NZEB, economics)
Basics: Heat and humidity (Heat and humidity basics, water vapor in the building)
Building Envelope:
Opaque elements (Continuous insulation layer, insulation materials)
Transparent elements (Passive House windows and installation)
Thermal bridging
Airtightness (Airtightness importance, implementation, and testing basics)

Building services:
Ventilation (Why ventilate, ventilation concepts and MVHR anatomy)
Heating and DHW (Heat supply, storage, and distribution, DHW)
PHPP (Energy balancing with PHPP, renewables, PER, and classes)

The Passive House Standard

Passive House New Buildings
Passive House New Buildings
Passive House Retrofits


Beate KirmseBeate Kirmse is a Real Estate Investor and vivid advocate of the Passive House Standard to design and construct comfortable and ultra-low energy buildings that are easily switched into Zero Net Energy Buildings by adding renewable energy on site.

She adapted the online course Passive House Fundamentals to the U.S. building industry standards. The course was originally developed by the Passive House Institute with a focus on the European market.

Beate invests in performing and non-performing notes and is always looking for opportunities. She is also working on her Real Estate license these days and is always ready to help her clients distinguish energy efficient and sustainable building features – sellers and buyers alike.

PH Basics is a venture for her to support the evolution from standard building practices to Passive House Standard in the U.S. by

  • sharing her own story renovating her home, a 1948 Ranch house, to the Passive House Standard, step-by-step,
  • providing online training for anybody who is interested in learning the basics of the Passive House Standard, and
  • creating awareness of sustainable and energy efficient building features to all participants in the Real Estate industry.

Beate is a Certified Passive House Consultant, LEED AP, WELL AP and holds a master’s in business administration with a minor in information technology from University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Born, raised and educated in Germany, Beate immigrated to the U.S. due to a job offer by a U.S. consulting company in 1998. She lives with her husband and two pugs on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, just South of Los Angeles.


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